Commit message codes

Please prefix all commit summaries with one (or more) of the following labels. This should help others to easily classify the commits into meaningful categories:

  • BF : bug fix

  • RF : refactoring

  • NF : new feature

  • BW : addresses backward-compatibility

  • OPT : optimization

  • BK : breaks something and/or tests fail

  • PL : making pylint happier

  • DOC: for all kinds of documentation related commits

  • TEST : for adding or changing tests

  • STYLE : PEP8 conformance, whitespace changes etc that do not affect function.

So your commit message might look something like this:

TEST: relax test threshold slightly

Attempted fix for failure on windows test run when arrays are in fact
very close (within 6 dp).

Keeping up a habit of doing this is useful because it makes it much easier to see at a glance which changes are likely to be important when you are looking for sources of bugs, fixes, large refactorings or new features.