dipy_track [-h] [–use_binary_mask] [–stopping_thr float] [–seed_density int] [–step_size float] [–tracking_method str] [–pmf_threshold float]

[–max_angle float] [–out_dir str] [–out_tractogram str] [–save_seeds] pam_files stopping_files seeding_files

Workflow for Local Fiber Tracking.

This workflow use a saved peaks and metrics (PAM) file as input.

Positional Arguments

pam_files Path to the peaks and metrics files. This path may contain wildcards to use multiple masks at once. stopping_files Path to images (e.g. FA) used for stopping criterion for tracking. seeding_files A binary image showing where we need to seed for tracking.

Optional Arguments

-h, --help

show this help message and exit


If True, uses a binary stopping criterion. If the provided stopping_files are not binary, stopping_thr will be used to binarize the images.

--stopping_thr float

Threshold applied to stopping volume’s data to identify where tracking has to stop.

--seed_density int

Number of seeds per dimension inside voxel. For example, seed_density of 2 means 8 regularly distributed points in the voxel. And seed density of 1 means 1 point at the center of the voxel.

--step_size float

Step size (in mm) used for tracking.

--tracking_method str

Select direction getter strategy : - “eudx” (Uses the peaks saved in the pam_files) - “deterministic” or “det” for a deterministic tracking (Uses the sh saved in the pam_files, default) - “probabilistic” or “prob” for a Probabilistic tracking (Uses the sh saved in the pam_files) - “closestpeaks” or “cp” for a ClosestPeaks tracking (Uses the sh saved in the pam_files)

--pmf_threshold float

Threshold for ODF functions.

--max_angle float

Maximum angle between streamline segments (range [0, 90]).


If true, save the seeds associated to their streamline in the ‘data_per_streamline’ Tractogram dictionary using ‘seeds’ as the key.

Output Arguments(Optional)

--out_dir str

Output directory. (default current directory)

--out_tractogram str

Name of the tractogram file to be saved.


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